Meet the students of global hope India

Surviving his late father, mother, and brother, Shirshanth is very much interested in biology and the knowledge of biotechnology. He wants to become a chief executive officer of biotechnology and wishes to help pharmacy companies provide low cost medicine to poor families. He also wishes to organize medical facilities to those who are too far away fro support.

Shalini's family has fallen victim to alcohol abuse and her mother suffers from HIV. She would like to study computer science engineering and would like to work for a government institution. Specifically, she would like to become a software engineer and travel to different countries helping children like herself. She asks for prayers for her mother's health. 

Meet Kevin White. Kevin is the director if Global Hope India.

Sai Kiran's mother passes away when he was 6 and his father is a slave to alcohol. He would like to finish his education and complete his graduation in music. His ultimate goal is to be an officer in the government office. He wants to help kids like himself and asks that you pray for his future.

Ashwini wishes to become a collector for district magistrate slaves to alcohol. Her father passed away while her mother suffers from HIV. Ashwini studies in Zilla Parishad High School and continues to study to build the capacity to appear in competitive events and continue to eventually reach her goal as a high level government official to help those like her.



Praveen is hoping to become an archeologist or government employee. Praveen comes from a broken home. Planning to reach his goals, he continues to study his 10th class in Zilla Parishad High School.